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The Guinea Pig Ranch

Can't find anyone to look after your guineas when you go away? 

The Guinea Pig Ranch

Can’t find anyone to look after your guineas or pet rats when you go away?

The Guinea Pig Ranch will look after your furry friends while you are on holiday and they can have a holiday too!

Guinea pigs: for just $14.50 a day per guinea pig they will be cared for like royalty! For groups of 3 or more the cost per additional pig is an extra $6 per day. Piggy guests are fed lots of fresh veggies, unlimited hay and quality pellets.

Your guinea pigs will feel right at home while they are being cared for by Pip. She is an experienced guinea pig wrangler with 15 of her own piggies.

Guests are kept in their own groups and separate from others in secure spacious indoor pens with plenty of hidey holes and comfortable bedding.

Rats: Pip is also experienced looking after pet rats with 10 of her own living a life of luxury, and she is happy to care for yours too.

The cost for rats is $5.00 per day for a pair and $3.00 each extra. The rattie menu includes plenty of fresh veggies and quality pellets.

Thank you for contacting The Guinea Pig Ranch. The head wrangler will get back to you as soon as possible.
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