The 3 Let Loose

On April 10th 2014 we got a phone call from a man asking if we could take in three guinea pigs that he had caught. 

He then explained to me they had been wandering in and out of his garden for the past couple of weeks, hanging around his apple tree eating the apples when they feel on the ground. 

The man did find the owners but they no longer wanted them and couldn't care less about them wandering around everywhere or what happened to them. A dog, cat or person wanting to do them harm could of easily hurt them. He then told us that there had also been another adult guinea and an baby but they hadn't been seen for a week and the old owners had said that the cat had got them. 

The three who were caught and we took in, were not very old. You can't tell the age of a guinea pig if you don't know it's birthdate but these three were obviously less than 6 months old. They were just babies and had been let loose in a world they knew nothing about and if not caught would of been killed as they are domesticated guinea pigs who know nothing about surviving with-out human help. 

Please, if you no longer wish to care for your guinea pig/s then surrender them over to a vet, SPCA, shelter or rescue near you. Don't just let them loose.

Mango & Pepsi were two of the guinea pigs that the man had caught. 

They are both females and because they were picked up with a male were both likely already pregnant when we picked them up and so they went on a pregnancy watch which would end in 10 weeks after the day we picked them up. 

Two weeks after we picked them up Mango started bleeding a slight amount of blood, an X-ray didn't show any stones nor babies but if she had gotten pregnant not long before getting caught then the babies would show up on an X-ray that early anyway.  She was put on some medicine just incase she had a UTI, but after that one small lot of bleeding she never bleed again. We then had her have an Ultra Sound which was very inconclusive.

As of the 11th Of May 2014, four and a half weeks after being picked up the girls have not given birth yet and are still on their pregnancy watch.

Sid was the other Guinea Pig that was caught, un-like Mango & Pepsi..Sid was a male.

After 3 weeks of being in quarantine and after being treated for mites, Sid was introduced to Herbie (Herbie's Story) and it was love at first sight! 

The boys have been inseparable since and are best buds. Sid will be staying here with Herbie as Auckland Cavy Care is his forever now home.