Herbie's Story

A lady had been breeding guinea pigs and rabbits for 4 years and over time it had gotten out of control.

She contacted us asking us for help with the guinea pigs, in the end it was decided that she surrendered over all the guinea pigs in her care to us. 

When we went to pick them up, there were two big aviary type of cages both had guinea pigs and rabbits in them and there was also a couple of hutches.

The first pigs we put into a carry cage was two males, they were living in one of the hutches along with a male rabbit. These boys obviously were suffering from mites. These boys were later paired up and named Mason and Neo, they were first guineas from that surrender to find a loving home. 

We then went inside one of the aviaries and inside it we had to catch the poor guinea pigs who were once again obviously suffering from mites. Inside that cage we picked up three males and one female.  The three boys were later named Buzz & Woody and then Herbie. The female was called Darla (Darla gave birth to two lethal white girls, their story is here - Dede & Detla's Story)

In the other aviary we caught 5 females and two little babies, even after we had caught them the lady was still looking around in the hay as she had no idea how many she actually had. The five females were later named Sweetie, Marmite, Taffy, Cassidy and Jem and the two little boys were named Oliver & Pippin. 

Sadly, Woody one of the males passed away a couple weeks after being picked up. An autopsy showed signs that he most likely just passed away from old age. All the other guinea pigs from this rescue survived and are living happily ever after. Sweetie gave birth to one boy who we called Zeke, Cassidy gave birth to two girls and a boy we named the girls Charlotte and Clara they both made it and have since been adopted but sadly their brother Cody did not make it. Luckily Marmite, Taffy and Jem did not turn out to be pregnant.  

Now all about Herbie 

When we picked them up, Herbie was suffering from the worst case of mange mites that we'd seen so far. 

The mites had gotten so bad that his back legs were very weak making it hard for him to walk. He would often have seizures and we were afraid that he may not make it.    

Pictures of Herbie taken on January 25th 2014 - Second day with us

On his second day with us, we treated him for mites and started him on his way to recovery. This poor young little guinea pig was so weak, and so sick but we just couldn't give up on him and we could see that he was a fighter. 

Picture of Herbie taken on January 26th 2014 - First day after treatment started

After just one treatment for the mites, Herbie already began looking so much better. He was still having seizures but he was eating all all his fresh veggies and pellets. 

27th of January 2014  

We could tell that already he was gaining his strength back as he began to scratch himself using his back legs.  His hair was falling out but the dandruff was also falling out.  We then gave him a bath with fungal shampoo.  

2nd of February 2014 

At this point the treatment we had been giving him was doing wonders and there was no longer any signs of mites but Hebrie would constantly scratch himself in the same spot so we made him a body wrap and when he was wearing it he wouldn't scratch himself. 

6th of February 2014

Hebrie was doing so much better, he now had little tiny hairs starting to grow where he had lost his hair. The battle with mites had ended but he was now use to scratching himself when he was not wearing his body wrap and this was a habit that took us a while to wean him out of. 

11th of February - 9th of March 2014

Over this time Herbie's hair continued to grow, but each time we took his body wrap off he would scratch himself...it was becoming a very bad habit for him.

16th of March 2014

Herbie was now doing great, he had gotten all his strength back and was now a very happy healthy guinea pig but with his body wrap off he would still scratch himself. 

6th of May 2014

While we were treating him, he stole our hearts and Herbie now has a forever home here at Auckland Cavy Care. 

We finally managed to stop Herbie from scratching himself, as you can see from the picture he is now bonded with another boy called Sid and ever since the two have been together Herbie has stopped his scratching habit. 

Sid has a story of his own to tell - The 3 let loose