Dede & Delta's Story

Dede and Delta are two sisters who were born in the rescue on 22/03/14 to their rescued mother Darla. For some more info on how their mother came to be in the rescue please visit - Herbie's Story

Dede & Delta were both born blind AND deaf. They are what is known in the Guinea Pig world as a ‘Lethal White’ Guinea Pig. The girls have a genetic condition due to certain genes present in some breeds of Guinea Pigs. ‘Lethals’ often have short and very difficult lives. What the girls lack physically they more than make up for in their unique personalitys.

LW guineas also have Microphthalmia which is a congenital condition where the eye is either very small or non-existent. Their teeth are often mis-shaped or missing, so on-going dental care is often needed with lethals.

For more info on Lethal White Guinea Pigs - Lethal Guinea Pigs 

The 22nd of March 2014 was the day that Dede, Delta, Dot and Deka came into this world.

From the moment I saw Dede & Delta I fell in love with them. At that point I hadn't even held them but just knew there was something special about them! 

After picking them up and examining them, we quickly saw that Dede had no front teeth and Detla had 3 front teeth. Knowing about LWs we then tested to see if they were deaf, they couldn't hear anything at all and didn't react in the slightest ways to any noise unlike their sister's Dot & Deka. After watching them move around, we could tell that they were also blind - a vet visit confirmed this.

We now knew that we had two little baby Lethal Whites in our care. They would forever stay in our care as we couldn't adopt them out due to all their medical issues. 

A bit about Dede

Dede is such an amazing girl, she has already given us so many great times to remember.

She walks around the cage just randomly wheeking away. She loves to talk, almost as much as she loves to popcorn! Every-time I see her and Delta popcorn I can't help but smile, for even though they are blind & deaf they are still so happy! 

Dede didn't get given a very easy LW life to live, as she sadly has 0 out of 4 incisors (Front teeth) and just 4 out of 16 molars (Back teeth). This had made her un-able to eat any fresh vegetables or hay but we have luckily found a type of pellets which is small and soft enough for her to slurp up and then lean her head to chew them with one of her pairs of molars before swallowing. Most of Dede's diet is made up of "wet food" (like Oxbow CC) which she licks up of a plate that is always in the cage so she can have her food when ever she wants.

On the 28th of May 2014, at 9 weeks and 4 days old little Dede left this earth. "She was always so happy, popcorning and wheeking away just because she could. She loved being held and to be the center of attention. Even though she was blind and deaf she loved to explore, she loved to wonder this way and that way."

A bit about Delta

Delta just like her sister is such a special girl and has already given us so many great times to remember.

Delta much stay sitting on the nice cozy couch rather than go exploring. She doesn't seem to be as energetic as Dede is, but she still does popcorns as well! Delta is often out eating some yummy pellets or hay, she likes to do her own thing.

Delta has 3 out of 4 incisors (Front teeth) and 16 out of 16 molars (Back teeth). Delta is very lucky to have an almost full set of teeth, it has allowed her to be able to eat hay, pellets and slivered up veggies. It does how ever mean that she has to get her incisors trimmed every now and then as the one on the bottom is un-able to grind down both top teeth the same way as two bottom teeth would.