Case Stories

Please note that this page is new so I have yet to add some of the stories. 

The 3 Let Loose

Mango, Pepsi & a male called Sid were all let loose to fend for themselves as their owners no longer wanted them and didn't care what happened to them...not even if they lived or died.  The three  managed to survive for a couple of weeks, but if they weren't caught by a kind man then they may not be here today to tell their story.

 Pick up of 24

24 Guinea Pigs were forgotten by their owners in a aviary in the backyard. It had only been 6 months since the family had gotten a breeding pair, and already there were so many. The floor of the aviary was covered in 4 inches of feces, the Guinea Pigs were just breeding out of control. Luckily the neighbor stepped in and asked us for help.

Dede & Delta's Story

Dede and Delta are such amazing girls who were born both blind & deaf. Their life was never going to be easy. They are what is known in the guinea pig world as a Lethal White.

Herbie's Story

Herbie's story is one that tells of a very strong guinea pig who over comes a horribly severe case of Mange Mites. 

He was suffering from such a bad case of Mites that he was having seizures and his back legs were so weak he could hardly use them at all.