Auckland Cavy Care

"Cavy care that counts!"

Here at Auckland Cavy Care, we have developed an adoption process that we feel is best for all parties involved. We know that it is a multiple level process, but really is not as difficult or painful as you may think. 

We can actually get through this process in 5 to 7 days (or less) depending on time of year and schedule of involved parties.

If you have any questions after reading this, please contact me via the contact button and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Adoption Process here at Auckland Cavy Care

  1. Fill in and send the adoption application form on this page or request an adoption application via contact.
  2. Complete- in full or it will be returned to you for completion- and return the adoption application. If you have not heard from us via phone or email and it’s been more than 4 days if you emailed your adoption application, please email us to check on it!
  3. You will get an email letting you know if we have approved your request to adopt an cavy, If there are details you wrote on the application that we do not agree with we can talk and discuss it further.
  4. Next once everything seems okay, we will schedule an time for you and whoever else will be caring for Cavy(s) to come and visit us. We will talk about cavy care and about the cavy(s) that you would like to adopt while you can hold and watch the guinea.
  5. If everything is still well we will schedule an date and time for when you can come and pick up the Cavy(s) and take them home.
Adoption fees are not purchasing the animal, they are to assist with off-setting the costs of care for the guinea pigs here at Auckland Cavy Care.