24 Rescued

In April, 2014, we got contacted by a lady who had noticed that her neighbors had an aviary full of some type of animals. When she went over to the aviary, she saw that the little furry animals were Guinea Pigs and that there was over 20 of them.  What she thought was 4 inches of soil was in fact 4 inches of feces which the poor Guinea Pigs were living on. There were also a couple new born babies.The owners did not care and had just lost interest in the Guinea pigs which they only got 6 months before hand. 

She went back the next day to clean the cage and feed them, and there were more babies. These poor Guinea Pigs were living in a aviary on 4 inches of their own feces, there were babies being born into living that life. She decided something must be done to get the Guineas out of the situation.  

We were then contacted, and the next day the 24 Guinea Pigs were brought to us. They were covered in pee and pooh, suffering from mites and must were skinny. The males had obviously been fighting each other as they had their ears chewed. With the pregnant girls, the total number of Guineas from the group got to over 30 after the all pregnant girls gave birth.