Auckland Cavy Care

"Cavy Care That Counts!"

Auckland Cavy Care is a rescue not a pet shop or breeder. Every guinea pig that comes here is technically homeless hence why we use the term 'adopt' not 'buy' as we do not breed nor do we sell guinea pigs for profit.

We're a 'half-way-home' while the piggies are looking for their forever home. Their first three weeks with us are spent in quarantine, they get given any needed vet treatment and once well are de-sexed. Once they're out of quarantine they get put up for adoption to a loving permanent home where they will be valued and nurtured as part of the family.

Auckland Cavy Care is a small, home based rescue which relies on foster homes and donations. We now have a GiveALittle Page so it is easier for the public to help us out. Thank you all very much for your support.

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